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Spine Board Stertcher

Spine Board Stertcher


Sr.No. Contants
1 HMHDPE plastic molded stretcher for immobilization of patient.
2 Raw material: Virgin HMHDPE granules from Lotrene having grade  TR571 for Spine Board and Nylon for Belt
3 Colour: Orange
4 Total article weight: 7.20kgs
5 Article Length: 1823mm
6 Article Width: 448mm
7 Article Thickness: 61mm
8 Load Carrying capacity: 190kgs
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Our Spine Board is CE certified, MRI compatible, having long life and homogeneity with XRay. It is light in weight and resistant to bumps, corrosion and cracks. This spine board can withhold up to 190 kgs with every handling and lifting of the board. We also provide 3 belts for tying and head immobilizer on demand along with the Spine Board

Additional information

Weight 7.2 kg
Dimensions 182.3 × 44.8 × 6.1 cm

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