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About Us

Welcome to Add-On Safety and Surgical Pvt. Ltd.

Add-On Safety and surgical Pvt. Ltd. (Earlier Known as Add-on Safety) was founded on 30th July 2009 backed by rich sales and marketing experience in the same field for more than a decade. A Positive attitude towards Safety made us to create Safety Solutions such as Medical Emergency Kits, Stretchers, First­ Aid Kits, Caution Tape, Boiler Suits and Life Jackets. We are now introducing more products such as Safety Showers, Eye Wash Bottles and Wind Socks after getting overwhelming success for the running products.

Our motive is to produce them with cost effectiveness and sustainability. This helps to cover Safety in each industry, institutions, complex and even as small as a society or a single family or an individual.

Dealers are our primary buyers and they are responsible for our success all over India. Our Mission is to reach each and every house hold, industry, Institute, complex, sports complex, adventure sites for safe guarding Human Recourse.
Our vision is to ensure Safety measures everywhere. Do Join Us for growth, better resourcing, better protection.


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