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 Spill Kits Manufacturers in Airoli

Add-On Safety & Surgicals Pvt Ltd emerges as a pioneering force in this domain, specializing in manufacturing top-tier spill kits designed to mitigate risks and enhance safety protocols across various industries.Spill incidents pose significant hazards to both personnel and the environment. Whether it’s a chemical spill, oil leakage, or any other hazardous material release, swift and effective containment is imperative.
 Spill Kits Manufacturers in Airoli Add-On Safety & Surgicals Pvt Ltd recognizes this critical need and addresses it through meticulously crafted spill kits.

Unraveling the Expertise of Add-On Safety & Surgicals Pvt Ltd

Comprehensive Solutions for Diverse Needs
Add-On Safety & Surgicals Pvt Ltd prides itself on offering a diverse range of spill kits tailored to meet the unique requirements of different industries. From small-scale enterprises to large industrial complexes, their solutions are adaptable and scalable, ensuring optimal performance in any spill scenario.

Quality Assurance and Compliance
At Add-On Safety & Surgicals Pvt Ltd, stringent quality control measures are ingrained into every aspect of production. Each spill kit undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee effectiveness and reliability.Spill Kits Manufacturers in Airoli Moreover, the company adheres to all relevant safety standards and regulations, providing customers with peace of mind and confidence in their products.

Customization Options
Recognizing that no two businesses are alike, Add-On Safety & Surgicals Pvt Ltd offers customization options for their spill kits. Whether it’s specific containment requirements, branding preferences, or unique storage considerations, clients have the flexibility to tailor their solutions according to their distinct need.

Advantages of Partnering with Add-On Safety & Surgicals Pvt Ltd

Expert Guidance and Support
Beyond offering top-notch products, Add-On Safety & Surgicals Pvt Ltd distinguishes itself through comprehensive customer support. Their team of seasoned professionals is readily available to provide expert guidance on spill preparedness, product selection, and emergency response strategies, empowering clients to bolster their safety initiatives effectively.

Training and Education
In addition to supplying cutting-edge spill kits, Add-On Safety & Surgicals Pvt Ltd prioritizes training and education. Through workshops, seminars, and hands-on demonstrations, they equip organizations with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle spill incidents proficiently, fostering a culture of safety awareness and preparedness.

In a world where workplace safety is non-negotiable, Add-On Safety & Surgicals Pvt Ltd emerges as a beacon of reliability and innovation. Their commitment to excellence, coupled with a steadfast focus on customer satisfaction, positions them as the premier choice for spill containment solutions. By partnering with Add-On Safety & Surgicals Pvt Ltd, businesses can safeguard their personnel, assets, and the environment, ensuring a secure and sustainable future.


Yes, it’s highly recommended to receive training in basic first aid and CPR to effectively use the items in an emergency first aid kit. Proper training can help you respond confidently and efficiently during critical situations.

An emergency first aid kit is equipped to handle a wide range of emergencies, including severe bleeding, fractures, burns, cardiac arrest, choking, and other critical situations that require immediate intervention.

A spine board stretcher, also known as a spinal board, is a rigid longboard used to immobilize patients with suspected spinal injuries during transport. It provides support to the entire length of the spine to prevent further injury.

A sneak rescue kit is ideal for discreetly addressing emergencies in situations where carrying a standard rescue kit may draw attention or be impractical, such as during events, outings, or travel.

A spill kit is a collection of tools and materials used to contain and clean up hazardous spills, such as chemical, oil, or biological spills. Its purpose is to quickly and effectively manage spills to prevent environmental contamination and protect personnel.


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