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What Should Be In A Burns First Aid Kit?


Burns are one of the most serious types of injuries that can occur in the workplace; therefore, it’s important to be prepared with a high-quality burn care kit.

Burn heal kit are designed to specifically treat major or minor burns in the workplace.
What Should Be In A Burns First Aid Kit? Even in workplaces where fire is not a huge risk, it’s important to have a Burn heal kit  so that the workplace can provide immediate help should anyone be injured in this way.

The immediate treatment of a burn injury is essential to halt the progress of burns through the layers of skin. Once the initial treatment has been applied, the appropriate dressing of the injury is essential to prevent infection. Below is a list of five key products to include in aBurn heal kit

5 Things To Put In A Burn heal kit :

  1. Nitrile gloves 
  2. Burn dressing
  3. Conforming bandages 
  4. Micropore tape 
  5. Universal shears


1. Nitrile Gloves

When treating a burns victim, the use of nitrile gloves will ensure bacteria and germs aren’t passed onto the wound. Their high levels of puncture and tear resistance also make them a suitable option in situations where abrasions and sharp objects are a factor. 

2. Burn Dressing

The primary aid of first aid is to halt the burning process, cool the burn, provide pain relief and protect the wound.  

Burn Gel

Burn gel such as BurnSoothe or BurnSheild provides instant burn relief and protection. It is an emergency first aid gel which works to relieve pain & cool the injury by absorbing the thermal energy from a burn and dissipating the heat. Burn gel also promotes healing and helps prevent the burn progressing through healthy tissue and causing more damage. 

Burn Gel Spray 

In cases of minor burns, a dressing may not always be necessary. Burn gel spray offers the perfect solution where dressing is not required, with the added benefit of a ‘non-touch’ application. 

3. Conforming Bandages 

Conforming bandages are an essential part of your first aid supplies. They are soft, lightweight, stretchy and comfortable to wear. They are excellent for securing dressings and conforms easily to body angles. Secure these bandages with either a safety pin or micropore tape.

Check out our full stock of dressings & bandages where you can find a selection of bandage sizes from 5cm to 10cm.


Conforming bandages are very stretchy and, as their name suggests, conform closely to the body’s contours. 


4. Micropore Tape

As mentioned above, micropore tape is ideal for securing bandages and is an important part of any first aid kit. One of the benefits of using this type of tape is that the material used to make this tape has tiny pores (2 nanometres in diameter or smaller). These pores make the product super breathable, meaning the skin underneath the tape has a better chance of healing than skin covered in non breathable products. 


5. Universal Shears

Another essential part of your Burn heal kit. These universal shears are designed for cutting clothes, bandages and dressings.


Pre-Made First Aid Kits 

You can get a pre-made Burn heal kit that includes everything you need for your workplace. At Add-On Safety & Surgicals Pvt Ltd


First Aid Equipment

For all of your first aid needs, take a look at Add-On Safety & Surgicals Pvt Ltd extensive range of first aid products, which ranges from pre-made first aid products to individual items.What Should Be In A Burns First Aid Kit? We also stock first aid signs to enable you to highlight first aid policies and procedures to employees and visitors.



Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s highly recommended to receive training in basic first aid and CPR to effectively use the items in an emergency first aid kit. Proper training can help you respond confidently and efficiently during critical situations.

An emergency first aid kit is equipped to handle a wide range of emergencies, including severe bleeding, fractures, burns, cardiac arrest, choking, and other critical situations that require immediate intervention.

A spine board stretcher, also known as a spinal board, is a rigid longboard used to immobilize patients with suspected spinal injuries during transport. It provides support to the entire length of the spine to prevent further injury.

A sneak rescue kit is ideal for discreetly addressing emergencies in situations where carrying a standard rescue kit may draw attention or be impractical, such as during events, outings, or travel.

A spill kit is a collection of tools and materials used to contain and clean up hazardous spills, such as chemical, oil, or biological spills. Its purpose is to quickly and effectively manage spills to prevent environmental contamination and protect personnel.


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