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How to Use a Snake Rescue Kit to Handle Snakes Safely

How To Use A Snake Catcher To Handle Snakes Safely

How to Use a Snake Rescue Kit to Handle Snakes Safely A snake catcher or a snake hook is an essential tool for people who keep or herp snakes. Snake hooks can be used for both pet and wild snakes. With the help of this one can safely handle, capture or transport a snake while ensuring a safe distance. How To Use A Snake Catcher To Handle Snakes Safely .This comes in handy for dealing with wild snakes or venomous snakes  risk to the handler. Aid from this will allow the handler to a striking snake and deal with it from a distance. So why use a normal wooden stick or a rod any longer when you can find affordable snake catchers and snake hooks these days?

  1. Choose the Right Snake Catcher Tool
  • Snake catchers come in various designs, but they generally consist of a long pole with a gripping mechanism at one end.
  • Ensure the catcher you choose is appropriate for the size of snake you may encounter.
  1. Inspect the Snake Catcher
  • Before using, inspect the tool to ensure it’s in good working condition.
  • Check that the gripping mechanism functions properly and that the pole is sturdy.
  1. Approach the Snake
  • Stay calm and move slowly towards the snake. Sudden movements may startle it.
  • Maintain a safe distance while approaching, ideally keeping the snake within the reach of the catcher.
  1. Position the Catcher
  • Once you’re within range, position the gripping mechanism of the catcher over the snake’s body, preferably just behind the head.
  • Avoid pinning or pressing down on the snake’s body to prevent injury.
  1. Gently Grip and Lift
  • Use the catcher’s mechanism to gently grip the snake’s body.
  • Apply firm but gentle pressure to secure the snake without causing harm.
  1. Control the Snake
  • Keep a steady grip on the snake catcher while maintaining control of the snake’s movements.
  • Avoid jerky or sudden movements that may agitate the snake.
  1. Move the Snake
  • Carefully lift the snake off the ground, ensuring it cannot strike or escape.
  • Move slowly and steadily to a suitable release location away from human habitation.
  1. Release the Snake
  • Once you reach a safe area, gently release the snake by loosening the grip on the catcher.
  • Allow the snake to move away on its own accord.
  1. Clean and Store the Snake Catcher
  • After use, clean the snake catcher with a disinfectant to prevent the spread of any potential contaminants.
  • Store the catcher in a secure place, ready for future use.
  1. Safety Tips
  • Always wear protective gear like gloves and closed-toe shoes when handling snakes.
  • Never attempt to handle venomous snakes unless you are trained and authorized to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

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